Sometimes Life Slaps You in the Face

A lot has been going on lately.  I’ve felt like I’ve had the weight of the world on my shoulders and I am not strong enough to lift it off.  I’ve been facing a really huge challenge in my marriage.  Out of respect for my husband, I’m not going to go into the details but it’s affected our whole family and I’ve felt extremely helpless.  So of course, I have no self control with food.  

There was a period of 5 whole days where I ate nothing but candy.  On day 5, I had so much insulin in my system and my muscles were spasming so intensely, I ended up calling 911 to have an ambulance come because I was certain I was having a heart attack.  It was basically the result of malnutrition causing extremely painful muscle spasms in my chest and back.  Okay, lesson learned.

My eating improved a bit, but it has been difficult to let go of the candy.  When life turns up side down, it seems like your resolve to maintain a healthy lifestyle and limit calories and eat clean goes out the window.  I have, however, been making myself workout everyday no matter what.  I am starting to get a grip on things.  It’s very true – willpower comes from more than just self-insistance on staying out of the kitchen (I may have made up a word there).  When life is spinning out of control, it tends to disappear no matter how hard you try to tell yourself to sit on your hands and not break into that pack of Reeses.

On a more positive note, this weekend my husband and I are in Las Vegas at Beachbody Coach Summit.  It is extremely powerful to be around this many people, all with the same passion about fighting obesity and all with the same amount of appreciation for Beachbody changing their lives.  I got to meet my hero.  I got to talk to her and hug her.   I got to tell her about Turbo Positive and she was proud of me.  I will post the picture of me with Chalene once they are posted (they didn’t let us take our own) but I can post her autograph on my Turbo Fire!

We also got to meet some of the Les Mills Pump crew, which was pretty cool.  I was actually quite surprised at how warm and friendly they were.  We hugged and there was actually squeeze to the hugs, like we were actually people to them.  This is Zac, my husband, and I with Joel, Susan and Ben from Les Mills:

One more trainer picture – Zac snuck this picture of me with Tony Horton.  Because of the long lines for meeting Shaun T, Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson; security wouldn’t let us take our own pictures but my husband is the effing sniper paparazzi.

This morning was a really powerful experience.  All 5,000 coaches here at Summit went outside to workout together in the sun to make a statement about fighting obesity.  To be with this many people, all digging deep and bringing it… there aren’t words for the experience.  It was incredible – the feeling of unity and passion for the mission.

5,000 people (well, except me since I was taking a picture) all doing Warrior 3.

When we get back from Vegas tomorrow, I’m starting a new leaf.  My fire has been relit and I am going to put forth as much effort as possible as getting myself OFF of the sugar and back to clean eating.  I’m really starting to realize right now how addicted to sugar and coffee I’ve become and I can feel it in my entire body.  My head hurts, I’m fatigued constantly and I am not sleeping well.  This can’t continue… but I guess it had to happen.  Sometimes, all we can do is cope the best we can so long as at some point we can snap out of it, wake up and push ourselves back on track.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Slaps You in the Face

  1. Thank you for sharing. It is hard do share yourself like that but, it makes you real. I did not have the same experience but, I had a "rock bottom" experience that changed me for the better (I hope)) 😉

  2. If this help: what r you doing now, is helping me, and im sure more people. i didnt see my self doing anything i was always complining and puting me down bur reading all your progress and see the pictures and see you strong make think every day i can be strong like her.

  3. Rachel,One thing I admire most about you is your realness! I'm sorry to hear that you're going thru a though time. I'll be praying for you and Zac. The Coach R that I've come to know is resilient beyond measure. You will survive this moment! =) I'm glad you were able to squeeze Chalene. It looks like you guys all had a BLAST at the summit!! This makes me realize that it's time for me to wake up and push myself back on track.-Elle

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