How to Use a Foam Roller

I wish this was a higher quality video but I can’t find the Flip cam anywhere and I just wanted to get this done while Andy “naps” and he’s sick so my time is limited right now.

A lot of people have heard me talk about foam rolling for recovery and massaging out the knots in your muscles.  Some of you have even gone out and bought one and that’s awesome!  But now you have this cylindrical piece of foam you have no idea what to do with.  Well, it’s really easy.  You basically just roll it around your body and feel where you have sore spots – those are the spots you need to work out!  

Don’t worry, it is totally normal for this to be pretty painful the first few times you try this.  It just means you have a lot of gunk and issues going on in your muscles but now you have a means to take care of all of those!

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