X2: Balance and Power

So, a few weeks ago, I started P90X2.  On June 4th, to be anal about it.  At first, I really didn’t like it so much.  I’ve gotten so used to workouts like Les Mills and Turbo that are set to music that doing something like P90X is difficult for me to get into because of well, lack of soul.  I just need music!  I need that beat to keep me going and wanting to keep going.  

The other reason I wasn’t liking it so much was because it focuses a lot on one of my apparently very weak areas: balance.  I **thought** I had reasonably decent core strength prior to starting X2.  Apparently, I’m full of sh**.  So, the first week of X2 was a large helping of humility shoved down my throat.

The next week, I started to tolerate it more.  I knew what to expect and my husband had agreed to do some of the workouts with me every week so we could have some bonding time so that helped with motivation also.  I was starting to like X2 Core.  X2 Total Body still kicked my butt, but I knew what was coming so I could try more.  I still hated X2 Balance and Power.  That particular workout brings out every single weak area in my body and quite frankly, I don’t want to spend all that time hanging out with my weaknesses but, this is how we grow so I force myself through it.

Today is week 4’s Balance and Power.  I am extending Phase 1 to 6 weeks because this is such a weak area for me and Zac jumped in late.  I spent 3x as much times foam rolling as Tony gives you in the workout and found some amazing spots on the back of my knee that made the front of my knee stop hurting – trippy but cool!  

Something happened today.  I was able to balance on the stability ball – something I definitely could not do last week.  I was able to feel my muscles firing in synergy, activating and holding me up and letting me move while balancing in ways that I hadn’t experienced before.  People want to have those spiritual moments where they connect with a higher power and feel that connection to God and to the Earth and to life… but I think there should be more emphasis on feeling that with your body and that’s what I experienced today in my workout.  Being able to focus inward and experience my body responding and performing was amazing and grounding and gave me an extreme appreciation for the human body and how it was intended to perform.  We do so much damage to ourselves with sitting curved over all day and hanging out on the couch and eating a ton of crap… Knock it off.  Give yourself a chance to feel what it is to function properly and lift and move the way you were intended to… it’s pretty monster trucking cool.

Anyway, Balance and Power is a hard ass workout.  One thing that definitely makes it a little more charming in my eyes is the fact that it can take my ex-body building husband and turn him into this:

It’s pretty satisfying to see him sweaty and spent.  ğŸ™‚

By the end of the workout, actually, we’re both pretty sweaty and spent.  It’s an odd thing to see your body steaming.  It isn’t like it’s hot in the room, it’s actually pretty freezing when you walk down there in the morning especially with the tile floors.  Seriously – this is during the last stretch of the workout.  Check out how foggy it is!

And let me tell you – if that right there isn’t reason to pick up a stability ball, I don’t know what is.  That stretch is heavenly!

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