So, as I shared earlier, I had some hard stuff go on with my marriage and subsequently started eating like crap.  Seriously, a lot of binge-eating and emotional eating going on up in this bitch. Most of what I was eating was sugar which explains my fatigue and feeling like a giant slug.  Blarf.

I’ve been afraid of the scale.  I’m not usually one to put too much stock into what the scale has to say, but every now and then ya know.. I like to check in.  Lately, I haven’t wanted to.  Today, I confirmed why not.  I stepped on the damn thing.

The scale is a mean bitch.

According to the scale, my crappy eating habits as of late have resulted in a 10 lb weight gain.  Now I am sure a lot of this is water retention and maybe I have put on some muscle with P90X2 but still… the scale read 10 lb higher.  Crap.

So of course, this same day, my family decides to go down to the pier and get our fish & chips on…

Okay, probably not the best way to celebrate this morning’s ‘eff you’ from the scale but whatever.  We needed a family day and I am watching the rest of my calories like a hawk.  Thankfully, this morning did start with a Turbo Fire HIIT workout followed by P90X2 Total Body and there was a lot of walking down by the water so that does calm my nerves a little bit…

The fish & chips were totally worth it in terms of they were part of a day out with my family.  Tomorrow, however, starts some hardcore back on track counting every calorie and banning sugar business.  Seriously.  I worked way too hard the last year to let this shit happen.

Sigh… I guess this is a really good lesson.  No matter how strong you get in your resolve, life can still turn everything upside down and slap you in the face.  All we can do is ride the wave and the mop up after it.  Motivational crap aside, it still sucks.

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