Skinny Ms’ Fabulous Abs in 30 Days Challenge

So, like many stay-at-home mamas do during the day, I found myself with some idle time and decided to spend it clicking around on  I had exhausted Pinterest already today.  Shocking, I know!  Anyway, while ‘stumbling,’ I found a site that made me pause and actually read it – ‘Fabulous Abs in 30 Days Challenge…’

Hello lover!

For 30 days, it’s suggested that I drink more water, give up soda and all forms of delicious crap, eat whole foods, ditch the sugar and eat smaller portions.  This is a list of things I’ve been needing to do anyway, since my month of emotional breakdown…

Hmmm… that woman reminds me more of my mother when I was a teenager than me… 

Anyway, I plan on starting the Ultimate Reset in the next couple of days (it’s a 21 day cleanse) so I figure this ab challenge will fit in neatly.  Plus, one of the lovely side affects of emotionally eating and practically shooting up sugar for a month is that even if you workout like I do, you still end up with more tummy pooch going on.  Eff.

I hate ab workouts, I really do.  And last time when I swore I was going to ditch my belly in a month before Summit, I totally flaked.  But this time, I’m not flaking.  Because seriously – abs are like the most emotionally vulnerable place to have excess fat and that excess fat does murder on your self-image.  If you need an excuse to be self-deprecating, belly fat does the trick.

This challenge looks promising and I’m pretty certain that I won’t have any problems sticking with it because you just have to do the ab workout 3 times a week in 30 days.  I can do that.   Heck, me at 300+ lb Jabba’ed out on the couch can do that.  Zing!

So, this is what I will be doing 3 x a week for the next 30 days:

4 circuits of the following:
Leg Lifts – 20 seconds
Rest – 15 seconds
Scissors – 20 seconds (do not use
Rest – 15 seconds
Plank – 20 seconds
Rest – 15 seconds
Flutter Kicks – 20 seconds
Rest – 15 seconds
Reverse Crunches – 20 seconds
Rest – 15 seconds
Mason Twist – 20 seconds
Rest – 15 seconds

If you would like to join me in this challenge, please do and feel free to post on here about your progress!  I love workout and accountability buddies!  Go here to check out the deets and find some nifty YouTube videos that show how to do each of the exercises:

Oh, almost forgot!  My before photos!  I would jab myself in the carotid with a spoon than post these but well, looking at your flabby abs is one source of motivation.  Sharing the picture with the world so you’re forced to stay on the ball is even better.  Seriously – ever want to stick with something, embarrass yourself and broadcast it.  It works.

Front view:
Side view:

 Oh lord, just looking at those abs on my computer screen just totally underlined my dedication to this.  GAH!  Well, I will keep all you kids posted with how it goes!  And if I end up totally abtastic, Skinny Ms is gonna get a big fat cyber smooch on the kisser.  Fo’realz.

Oh yeah, as mentioned above, I am also going to start the Ultimate Reset next week.  This is a 21 day non-starvation cleanse that basically sets your body’s pH to alkaline, kicks out your sugar and caffeine addiction, lowers your cholesterol and many people I know who have done it have lost like 8-20 lb in 3 weeks.  Seriously.  What up.  Since coming off of my sugar binge month of hell, my willpower has been in the toilet.  So if anyone would like to join me in this, please do! I would love all of the support and motivation and accountability I can get. You can order the Ultimate Reset and read more about it HERE.