Need a Fun Reason to Lose Some Weight?

Keep thinking ‘I should start working out’ or ‘I should start my diet’ but keep pushing it back to next Monday? Then next Monday comes and you push it back one more week then another and another? Don’t you want to finally lose weight and get into those jeans you’ve been dying to wear already? How about if I give you an awesome reason to get on that horse?

Starting August 6th, I’m giving you a reason to get started.  Get ready for Momma’s 60 Day Cut the Fat Challenge!  Dedicate yourself for 60 days to shred some inches and some fat and… if you lose the most out of the group?  You win a free FitBit.  OH YEAH!  How’s that for a reason to start moving?

If you don’t know what a FitBit is, I’ll fill you in right quick: a FitBit is a nifty little wireless device you can clip on your clothes.  It tracks calories burned, steps taken, calories consumed and even your sleep patterns.  It’s a pretty sweet little gadget.  

So, here are the rules:

  • You must take pictures of the scale every week to prove loss – to prove the pictures are current, take a picture of the number on the scale or the numbers down on the measuring tape with that day’s newspaper.  
  • You must be registered on with TurboRachel (me) as your coach.  To do this easily, sign up on and click join.  A basic free membership will work!  If you’re already a TBB member but I’m not your assigned coach, you can switch by sending an email to asking them to switch your coach to TurboRachel, coach ID 128848.
  • Must be a U.S. resident to participate.  
  • You can do this using ANY fitness program, provided it’s a Beachbody program.  Why? These are the programs I’m qualified to coach. I would have no idea how to help you get through TapOut or a Jillian Michaels workout because I’m not familiar with them or affiliated with those companies. So for the sake of keeping things neat and tidy, please stick with Beachbody’s workouts! There are a ton to choose from!
  • This isn’t a rule, but thought I would share.  For the month of July (and there isn’t a lot of time left), you can try Turbo Fire, P90X or Brazil Butt Lift FREE for a month before you buy them, and they also come with a month’s supply of Shakeology.  You just pay for shipping. How?  Go to my site – and look in the bottom right for the link to Challenge Packs.  On the left, look for ‘trial offers’ and click there.  I absolutely recommend all 3 programs – especially Turbo Fire (of course).  Brazil Butt Lift and P90X are also very effective and if you want proof – check out my Success Stories tab!  (There are a ton of other programs that come in challenge packs or by themselves that you can pick from, these 3 are just the ones available in the trial offer)
  • Non-coaches only may participate!  Sorry, dear coaches, but we have Team Athena challenges for you guys!
  • You MUST have a Facebook account!  All of my challenge groups meet over Facebook – what allows me to work with people all over the place, not just in my town!  Daily accountability in our Facebook groups is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Having a bunch of people to check in with and support you really makes a difference in your success.  Fo’ shizzle.
  • Before and After pictures will be required!  These will be considered in your total transformation.  You do not have to post these until the challenge is over if you are uncomfortable.
  • While I don’t care which Beachbody program you pick, I am very seriously recommending using Shakeology for this challenge!  Especially for those who don’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning, don’t like eating veggies or have tendencies to emotionally or binge-eat.  Seriously, get every weapon in your arsenal that you can.  I can give you 100 people who will all tell you that they swear by Shakeology who I know personally – it really is amazing stuff.  You can save money on Shakeology by ordering it HD (monthly auto-ship).  This gives you free shipping and you can cancel after one month so you don’t keep being charged.  Want to save even more money on ShakeO? Email me and we can discuss some different options. 🙂  

And that’s it!  The rest is up to you – so make the decision!  What better motivation is there to finally get the weight off than a possible prize at the end?  And it doesn’t get easier to get through a weight loss journey than to have support from others along the way also going through it.  Decide! And then email me at with the subject FITBIT CHALLENGE telling me you want in.  

You are worth a happy and healthy life.  There is no better feeling in the world than achieving a goal and having a healthy functioning body to go with it is pretty awesome too.  Everyone should know what it feels like to be healthy and strong.  So let’s do this thing!!!

Deets about the trial offer challenge packs (and all challenge packs come with these goodies, even if you pay for the whole pack up front):


I Don’t Eat Breakfast!

I hear a lot of people say this – “I don’t eat breakfast.”  Well, if you want to lose weight, find a way to start.  Here’s why.

  1. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating breakfast can reduce hunger later of the day (you know, when you find yourself scrounging around the office for the first sugary object you can find and end up devouring the entire candy bowl? I can’t be the only person who’s done this).
  2. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic (they’re just right on the ball, aren’t they?), when you go for a long time without eating – like all night up to lunch, you trigger an insulin response – those jackasses that signal your fat cells to store fat.  Let’s keep our insulin low, shall we?
  3. Elisabetta Politi, nutrition manager at Duke bless her heart, states that eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and if you skip it, you prevent your body from creating enzymes that it needs to signal fat loss.  Do I really need to follow this one up with any sassy input?  Thought not.
  4. It’s also been discovered, thank you WebMD (see, I’m citing my source here so you know I’m not just pulling this stuff out of my ass) that people who eat breakfast end up making better food choices throughout the day and because of this, end up keeping the weight off.  

Those are 4 amazing reasons.  Now I get it, time is a big player in this game but no one said you have to go make some big elaborate fancy meal for yourself – pffft eff that.  You know that Shakeology thing i’m constantly going on and on and on and on and on and on and on about?  This is one of those areas where it’s amazing.  Whatever you do, find a way to get some breakfast going on.  Your excuses are just adding to your waistline!