Some Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home (with or without weights)

Some of these are older, but I thought I would share a few different workout ideas that you can take with you if you’re on vacation or that you can do if you can’t quite afford a weight set or workout program first.

Before we do any workout, however, we must warm up!


Here are some weight-optional chest, shoulder and back exercises
And of course, some ab work!
This is a bootcamp workout I made for my Team Athena peepz and while I am using weights in the vid, any of these weights can be replaced with a broom stick, dumbbells, soup cans, small child, or even done weight-free.

And of course, we can’t forget our legs!  I use dumbbells in this video, you can probably sub soda cans or whatever you found in the hotel fridge that’s got a little weight.  Get creative!


While I Really Want an Effing Milk Shake…

I spoke earlier in my post about the 30 day ab challenge I am doing (Skinny Ms‘ <— click for the deets) and also mentioned that I was going to do the Ultimate Reset, right?  I decided I needed to do it to get back on the diet horse because, well, I was really sucking ass in that department for a while. Excuse my French. I had met a few people at Summit who had done it and all had raving reviews as well as some pretty impressive fat loss so, ya know.  I thought it was a good way to recommit food wise – that for me is way harder than working out.

Here’s what it is, so you’re not scratching your head thinking ‘wtf is she talking about?’. It’s a 21 day long cleanse, though not a fasting cleanse.  You eat a lot.  Quite a lot.  Of clean as it gets food.  You do start off eating some meat and dairy, but you end up totally vegan.  You take a series of different supplements that help your body detox gently along with nudging your body’s pH over to alkaline, basically – you’re less likely to get any nasty ish like cancer later on.  It can also lower some inflammation in the body you might be thinking is fat.  There’s also a liquid oxygen supplement which is kind of a trip if you ever drop some on your tongue… A couple other ones as well.  Anyway, you take these supplements on a daily schedule that varies weekly.  Each week is a different phase of the cleanse – you get your body ready to detox the first week, you detox the second, and then you get your body back to working order and better than ever (so they say – we’ll see when we get there!) on the third week.  Still with me?  Did anyone start snoozing? No? Still here?  Sweet. Thanks guys!

You also drink a crazy amount of water.  Basically, 1 oz for every 2 lb of body fat.  I’m drinking about 70 oz of water a day.   My toilet and my butt are really bonding.  

I’m definitely eating more vegetables than I have ever eaten in my life and starting to really appreciate the difference between in season fruits/veggies and out of season.  Seriously, when they’re in season, they taste amazingly better!  Like, I like eating them, it’s my favorite part of the meals.  WTF happened there?  

Now – before I start posting some pics of what I’ve been eating (and some recipes I’m giving ya here but.. only a few!) I just want to mention that I am not following the directions on the Reset to a tee – I cannot not exercise.  I just can’t get my mind around that anymore and I am having every other day as a rest day and I have taken it down to pretty darn low intensity (like yoga and core work) I am still doing the resistance days of P90X2 and I still am leading Turbo on Thursday nights.  I have to do this in a way that lets me stick with it, and I won’t stick with it if I don’t get myself to a point mentally where I can live my life and not kill my family.  

One of those things that I’m doing to sort of make it fit to my life is picking a few meals out of the meal schedule and repeating them a few times a week.  I’m also prepping them all on Sunday and storing them in the fridge – then I just have to pull out a zip lock and stick the stuff in the oven or whatevs.  

Yeah, I took a pic of the inside of my fridge.  I don’t know why I thought that would be interesting, but there you have it – the inside of my fridge.  

Back on the train of thought before it leaves me at the wrong stop, another way I’ve been tweaking the Reset to fit my lifestyle is by switching up the recipes a little bit.  For example, to make almond butter on an apple a little more interesting, I sprinkled some cinnamon on top and I doubled the snack because I had worked out and didn’t want to be over the top hungry.

I switched up the black bean and brown rice meal with grilled onions, red peppers and zucchini and left out the corn tortilla because my husband was really not digging on the kale and this way, we were all happy and able to eat dinner and enjoy it without stuffing it down our throats so we don’t have to taste it.

I made this family sized so I tweaked the serving sizes.  This is what I came up with (and this can feed 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids)

1 can black beans

1 cup brown rice (we like brown basmati from Trader Joes)
1/2 tsp olive oil
1/2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp coriander
1 tsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
Himalayan salt to taste (they have this at Trader Joes!)
1 tbsp chopped cilantro
1 mediumish squirt of a lime

Cook the rice in the background – 2 cup water to 1 cup rice.  While the rice is a’cookin’, in a medium saucepan combine the black beans, olive oil, chili powder, cumin, coriander, Bragg’s and salt.  For what I did, go a little heavy on the seasonings because as soon as the rice was done, I added the rice to the pot of beans and mixed it in so the rice soaked up the flavor.  Then I added in the cilantro and lime juice once all mixed – those 2 are my little personal additions.  Serve up the plates with some grilled fajita veggies, guacamole and salsa and it’s the bomb diggity!

Ultimately, even though I’m not exactly sticking to the plan, my body is definitely feeling better and it is nice to see the scale going down.  I’ll keep updating as the Reset progresses.  On Day 7, I am down 6 lb.  Most of that I’m sure is water and toxic goo that’s been in my body that I’ve definitely been feeling.  Tomorrow starts detox and I’m a little nervous!

Also – if you want to try the Ultimate Reset, click right HERE!

Binge Eating

I do it.  Maybe you do it.  I know a lot of us out there do it.  It’s horrible.  It’s horrible even when you’re in the middle of it.  All that guilt and ill-feeling and self-loathing and for what… so you can pack your face?  Bleah.

That’s where I’ve been for the past month.  I have different triggers.  When I feel lonely, isolated, unheard and those feelings pile up… when I don’t have enough time for myself, when my marriage isn’t in its best shape… When Mini Terrorist is being exhaustingly difficult all day… yeah.  Those days. Those are the days where before or after dinner I end up in the kitchen stuffing my face over and over and over again.  I hate it.

Two days ago, I made myself promise and get real that I was totally done with it.  I feel awful in my own skin and I’m worth more than this and what the heck kind of example am I?  Yesterday was perfect.  No binge-eating period.  I gave myself a one day long Shakeology cleanse and that was that. I fell asleep feeling hungry (like we’re supposed to), slept WAY better than I have been and best of all, yesterday didn’t end in any self-deprecating thinking.  WOOHOO!

Today was harder.  I almost fell off the wagon.  However, one of the best tools that I know of when this is setting in is to GET YOURSELF OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!  So I did.  I took Mini to the park.

There are times where you’re going to really have to fight yourself to get out the door and it’s easy to make excuses.  You’re too tired, you’re not wearing makeup, you haven’t showered… put on a hat and just get out.  Even if you’re just driving around aimlessly for an hour – it seriously helps.  And actually, driving around listening to your happy music can do wonders for your soul!  You just need to find something else to fill you up other than food.  


So, as I shared earlier, I had some hard stuff go on with my marriage and subsequently started eating like crap.  Seriously, a lot of binge-eating and emotional eating going on up in this bitch. Most of what I was eating was sugar which explains my fatigue and feeling like a giant slug.  Blarf.

I’ve been afraid of the scale.  I’m not usually one to put too much stock into what the scale has to say, but every now and then ya know.. I like to check in.  Lately, I haven’t wanted to.  Today, I confirmed why not.  I stepped on the damn thing.

The scale is a mean bitch.

According to the scale, my crappy eating habits as of late have resulted in a 10 lb weight gain.  Now I am sure a lot of this is water retention and maybe I have put on some muscle with P90X2 but still… the scale read 10 lb higher.  Crap.

So of course, this same day, my family decides to go down to the pier and get our fish & chips on…

Okay, probably not the best way to celebrate this morning’s ‘eff you’ from the scale but whatever.  We needed a family day and I am watching the rest of my calories like a hawk.  Thankfully, this morning did start with a Turbo Fire HIIT workout followed by P90X2 Total Body and there was a lot of walking down by the water so that does calm my nerves a little bit…

The fish & chips were totally worth it in terms of they were part of a day out with my family.  Tomorrow, however, starts some hardcore back on track counting every calorie and banning sugar business.  Seriously.  I worked way too hard the last year to let this shit happen.

Sigh… I guess this is a really good lesson.  No matter how strong you get in your resolve, life can still turn everything upside down and slap you in the face.  All we can do is ride the wave and the mop up after it.  Motivational crap aside, it still sucks.

Happiness in a Glass

If you are familiar with my blog or follow me on Facebook, then you probably know by now that I’m obsessed with Shakeology.  And if you don’t follow me on Facebook, why the hell not? – GET ON THERE! Ya know, for daily motivation and stuff.  Okay, what was this supposed to be about again?  Oh yeah, Shakeology.

Most people I talk to want to lose weight.  Like right now.  No, scratch that, yesterday.  They want all of their monster trucking fat gone with a quickness.  They want to know how I lost it all. Well, there were 2 piece to that equation: Turbo Fire (obviously) and chocolate Shakeology.

See, I’m an emotional eater and a binge eater.  If I’m feeling emotionally shaky, I make up for it in food.  Some people say that emotional eating happens because food becomes their friend and food doesn’t judge, it just makes them feel good.  Maybe I’m weird, but emotional and binge eating makes me feel like crap.  Even while I’m doing it.  Because I know what I’m doing and I hate it.  It’s gross.  And it makes our groceries get super expensive… sorry husband!  Hmmm, I think this calls for a Jabba picture.

Okay, that was pregnancy Jabba but whatever, same diff.  

Shakeology actually knocked that behavior right off.  A lot of people use it for breakfast and I do too.  It’s a great breakfast because you get a shit ton of nutrients all at once and it keeps you full.  But one of the awesome things about chocolate ShakeO is that it TASTES LIKE IT IS REALLY CHOCOLATE.  I’ve tried a lot of meal replacement shakes – Slim Fast, Visalus, Advantage… all of them either tasted like the inside of the can or just weren’t satisfying.  That’s like giving a Lean Cuisine to an overeater.  Really??? Why don’t you throw a rock in their face too?

I could blend ShakeO with a frozen banana and some almond butter and get ice cream.  I could blend it with some vanilla almond milk and ice ad make a milk shake.  I could roll it up with oats and peanut butter and make… something similar to brownies… but the point is, I only started making one trip to the kitchen after dinner and then I was fine.  Maybe because for once, what I was putting in my body was actually nutritious so my body knew what to do with the calories?  No idea.  Whatevs, I’ll take it.

The other awesome thing about Shakeology is that most of us would rather gnaw off our own hand than eat veggies.  Seriously.  I hate most of them too, though I’ve become better at forcing myself to eat them.  ShakeO fills in that gap.  Seriously, read the back of a ShakeO bag – they aren’t joking in the advertisement when they say it’s like 9 trips to the salad bar.  And them some because what effing salad bar actually has superfoods?  Other than some brown mushy avocado?  The energy boost you get is insane!  

No idea how readable that actually is, but you can see that it’s a pretty big list of nutrients, huh?  

Okay, so that’s my shpeal.  Try this shit, seriously.  Just replace one of your meals with it and you’ll notice a difference.  Well, at first you’ll probably notice some gas – but that’s what happen when you eat a lot of fruits and veggies.  Ever hit up a juice bar and get a big ol’ veggie cocktail?  Your insides turn into a water park.  I think it’s a detoxy kinda thing.  I don’t know, I just like it because I feel like I’m losing weight.  I don’t care if it’s water!!!  

You can order Shakeology HERE (that means click on “here”) and I really recommend ordering it HD (or monthly-autoship) and here’s why.  It’s expensive, yes.  A lot of people look at the price and are like WTF!?  Well, considering all that’s in it… and considering that you’re paying for a month’s worth of meals all at once, it’s actually a pretty monster trucking good deal.  When you order it HD, you get free shipping so you save a little money!  Word up!  That doesn’t mean you have to get it every month.  In fact, this is how most of us who use a lot of Beachbody’s supplements work the system (because fo’real, who wants to pay for shipping?).  After you get your bag, you just email and tell them to cancel that shit.  And they don’t even try to upsell you or anything, they just cancel it.  Right freaking on.  

I’m not into writing salesy blog posts, I’m really not.  But this shit really is amazing.  Anything that can help this girl lose 170 lb in a year I can get behind.  So treat your body right and get on this fat blasting ShakeO train!!!

And P.S. Happy 4th of July!


For most of us, taking a recovery day in our workout week makes us feel guilty.  We should be pushing hard and full intensity and scorching fat or improving our performance right?  I’m guilty of this mindset myself. 

The problem is, when you’re pushing your body to the max every single day without rest, you run the risk of overtraining.  Overtraining isn’t an obvious thing.  You don’t suddenly feel your body overdoing it, it’s subtle and it can creep up on you.  You may not even notice that your body has been overtrained for quite a while and then BAM! You’re injured.  

So that you can feel less guilty about taking a day to stretch and recover, here’s what recovery does for you!

When you’re not exercising, your body is rebuilding and strengthening itself.  It’s refilling energy stores and rebuilding damaged tissue.  When you are exercising, you’re breaking down muscle tissue so recovery gives your body the chance to rebuild and the next time you workout after taking a recovery day, you’ll be stronger.  If you don’t take time to recover, then your tissues continue to breakdown and then you enter the realm of overtraining.  Bad.

Recovery also optimizes protein synthesis – increasing the protein content in your muscle cells, preventing breakdown and increasing your muscle size.  This is why recovery drinks are so good after a workout (P90X R&R – hello!?).  Drinks like R&R help this process along so your muscles can grow.  

And… you want those muscles to grow!  If you’re a woman, that doesn’t mean you’re going to bulk up.  We don’t do that, at least not without the help of drugs.  More muscle means higher metabolism – meaning you can eat more food and not pay for it as much because muscles burn calorie even when you’re NOT exercising!!!

So please, don’t skip recovery!  Your body will thank you for it and your results will be better because of it!

X2: Balance and Power

So, a few weeks ago, I started P90X2.  On June 4th, to be anal about it.  At first, I really didn’t like it so much.  I’ve gotten so used to workouts like Les Mills and Turbo that are set to music that doing something like P90X is difficult for me to get into because of well, lack of soul.  I just need music!  I need that beat to keep me going and wanting to keep going.  

The other reason I wasn’t liking it so much was because it focuses a lot on one of my apparently very weak areas: balance.  I **thought** I had reasonably decent core strength prior to starting X2.  Apparently, I’m full of sh**.  So, the first week of X2 was a large helping of humility shoved down my throat.

The next week, I started to tolerate it more.  I knew what to expect and my husband had agreed to do some of the workouts with me every week so we could have some bonding time so that helped with motivation also.  I was starting to like X2 Core.  X2 Total Body still kicked my butt, but I knew what was coming so I could try more.  I still hated X2 Balance and Power.  That particular workout brings out every single weak area in my body and quite frankly, I don’t want to spend all that time hanging out with my weaknesses but, this is how we grow so I force myself through it.

Today is week 4’s Balance and Power.  I am extending Phase 1 to 6 weeks because this is such a weak area for me and Zac jumped in late.  I spent 3x as much times foam rolling as Tony gives you in the workout and found some amazing spots on the back of my knee that made the front of my knee stop hurting – trippy but cool!  

Something happened today.  I was able to balance on the stability ball – something I definitely could not do last week.  I was able to feel my muscles firing in synergy, activating and holding me up and letting me move while balancing in ways that I hadn’t experienced before.  People want to have those spiritual moments where they connect with a higher power and feel that connection to God and to the Earth and to life… but I think there should be more emphasis on feeling that with your body and that’s what I experienced today in my workout.  Being able to focus inward and experience my body responding and performing was amazing and grounding and gave me an extreme appreciation for the human body and how it was intended to perform.  We do so much damage to ourselves with sitting curved over all day and hanging out on the couch and eating a ton of crap… Knock it off.  Give yourself a chance to feel what it is to function properly and lift and move the way you were intended to… it’s pretty monster trucking cool.

Anyway, Balance and Power is a hard ass workout.  One thing that definitely makes it a little more charming in my eyes is the fact that it can take my ex-body building husband and turn him into this:

It’s pretty satisfying to see him sweaty and spent.  🙂

By the end of the workout, actually, we’re both pretty sweaty and spent.  It’s an odd thing to see your body steaming.  It isn’t like it’s hot in the room, it’s actually pretty freezing when you walk down there in the morning especially with the tile floors.  Seriously – this is during the last stretch of the workout.  Check out how foggy it is!

And let me tell you – if that right there isn’t reason to pick up a stability ball, I don’t know what is.  That stretch is heavenly!

How to Use a Foam Roller

I wish this was a higher quality video but I can’t find the Flip cam anywhere and I just wanted to get this done while Andy “naps” and he’s sick so my time is limited right now.

A lot of people have heard me talk about foam rolling for recovery and massaging out the knots in your muscles.  Some of you have even gone out and bought one and that’s awesome!  But now you have this cylindrical piece of foam you have no idea what to do with.  Well, it’s really easy.  You basically just roll it around your body and feel where you have sore spots – those are the spots you need to work out!  

Don’t worry, it is totally normal for this to be pretty painful the first few times you try this.  It just means you have a lot of gunk and issues going on in your muscles but now you have a means to take care of all of those!