How Turbo Fire Saved and Changed My Life


See this woman right here?  A lot of who I am today I owe to her.  She didn’t do the work, but she helped guide me through the right steps to take and because of her, for the first time in my life I can confidently say that I am both physically AND emotionally healthy.  Wow.

When I first started working out, I looked like this:

I was a shell of the person that I thought I was.  My confidence was pretty much negative.  I hated myself.  I was too ashamed of my body to go out and meet friends.  I thought for sure, people would judge me.  I was constantly judging myself, how could other people not do the same?  

In that photo, I was 301.5 lb.  The heaviest I have ever been.  It was the rock bottom I  needed to hit to get things together and turn them around.  I ordered P90X and the pamphlet in the box lead me to Team Beachbody where I started hearing about Turbo Fire.  I looked at the Turbo Firers’ before and after photos on the messageboards and saw the energy in their posts and it was inspiring.  So I ordered it, even before I was done with P90X.  I added Fire 45 EZ and Greatest HIIT’s here and there in my P90X schedule.  When 90 days of P90X were up, I was excited for the first time about exercising – because I was about to start Turbo Fire.  I was 265 lb when I started Turbo Fire.  I was also sick. 

Turbo Fire forced me to push outside of my comfort zone.  I was always fat, whether I was visibly fat or skinny fat.  It was largely my mentality.  I also have asthma so the idea of exercise let alone cardio was always uncomfortable.  Well, guess what Turbo Fire is.  Cardio conditioning.  There is some resistance in the program, but largely, Turbo Fire is cardio.  Except unlike other cardio programs and workouts, Turbo Fire is fun.  Really, really fun.  You dance and kick box and jump around to old school hip hop and techno.  If you can’t jump, that’s okay.  Alee is the modifier and she is awesome to follow.  She still puts some insane energy into her workouts so you still get a great calorie burn.  That’s Alee on the right:

It was more than just good music and fun choreography that made this work for me.  Chalene has this energy about her.  Even though she’s not there in the room with you and has never actually met you, you can feel coming from her that she sincerely wants you to succeed and she gives a crap that you do. She helps you learn how to speak to yourself because honestly, your mind quits in your workout about 10 times before your body does.  Learning that and becoming aware that how I talk to myself determines my perception and how I feel about working out and life in general was really eye-opening for me.  She taught me that I determine how I experience things.  Things don’t just happen to me.  The world is not against me.  It’s just how I decide to interpret my life and the challenges I meet.  That was really important for me to learn and I hope that at Coach Summit this year, I get a chance to thank her for that.  Well, if I don’t break down sobbing first.  Crap, I’m crying now.  

Outside of Turbo Fire, Chalene also helped me to start to realize my own capabilities and what I have to give this world with her book, “Push.”  If you haven’t read this, I absolutely recommend picking it up.  It can truly change your whole life.  She gives you something most of us long for but don’t know how to get:  control, direction and a path.  In that regard, her book more than pays for itself.

Anyway, by the time I finished the 90 days of the basic Turbo Fire schedule and the 30 additional days of the advanced classes, my weight was down to 150 lb.  Not only that, but I had muscle definition.  My body was actually hot in my own mind, and we are all our worst critics in the mirror. 

Chalene and Turbo Fire gave me the confidence and self-love so that I could see myself and the changes I’d made and was able to be proud of myself.  That’s not a feeling I was ever familiar with before.  Using “Push,” I built up enough confidence in myself to pay what Chalene gave me forward.  I started coaching. Really, actively coaching.  She helped me feel confident enough in myself to reach out and “push” myself out of my comfort zone and it’s absolutely changed my life.  It’s changed everything and I am so much of a better person because of it.

Coming up on April 21st, I am taking the Turbo Kick instructor training class so that I can become certified to teach Turbo to others.  This is my final step in preparation before I start running my Turbo Fire challenge group starting May 7th.  I want to help other people not only lose the weight, but reach their fullest potentials and learn to love themselves as well and I’m finally truly ready to open my heart all the way and do this.

If you’re reading this and you’re overweight, in debt or you’re unhappy with yourself (or all of the above really) and desperately want to change… send me an email PLEASE.  I want you in my challenge group.  If you don’t already have Turbo Fire, message me before you purchase it so we can discuss the best option for starting – if you need the Fire Starter pack or if you want to jump right in to Turbo Fire and also how to accommodate that with the right nutrition.  I know change is scary.  Reaching outside of your comfort zone is scary.  Like Chalene was there for me, she’ll be there for you and I will be there for you also.  I’m on your side and I will help you get there every step of the way.  You are worth having a wonderful life, no matter what hiccups have been on your journey up until now.  Take your power back.  Decide and take action.  You won’t be alone.  I’ll be your shoulder the whole journey.

Take the first step and sign up on my site so that I am your official coach.   That’s the only part you’ll have to do alone.  Once you take that first step, I’ll be there to help you the rest of the way.