The last couple of weeks, I’ve been in a funk.  With my whole family getting norovirus at once, having to miss my son’s first birthday party because I was in urgent care, then my birthday and my husband’s birthday and my mom’s birthday all back to back… it’s been hard to get through and I realized that lately, my attitude has been in the toilet.

Isn’t this a lovely image that I found? 

Chalene Johnson, my hero and savior and creator of all things Turbo, always stresses mental fitness.  You have to work your mental fitness before you can be physical fit.  Everything you tell yourself, your body believes.  Boy, isn’t that the truth.  I was rereading some of my blog posts last night and thinking to myself, wow.  Something is going on and something has got to change because THIS is not healthy and not the way forward and the goal here is transformation for the better, not backsliding into self-pity land because that’s where the binge-eating and emotional eating live.

This morning was very hard.  It started with my son, the little terrorist, hurling cottage cheese at the dog, at the door, on the windows, all over the floor then following this up with projectile vomit and then splashing in it as it was coming out.  Lovely, eh?  

Anyway, this started my morning in a dark place and before I let it consume me, I realized what was happening.  I gave myself a mental “bitch-slap” and forced myself to throw on my Lululemon shorts and get my butt downstairs to do some Les Mills Pump: Pump Revolution.  

First of all, that workout kicked my butt.  I am on my 4th scoop of P90X Peak Results & Recovery formula and still shaking like a leaf 30 minutes later.  I upped my weights again to 70 lb in the squat and dead lift tracks and wow.  By the time the shoulder track came about, I was already failing push-ups (which are my strongest exercise).  

But something really important happened by the end.  I realized I was barely even able to do the ab track and suddenly, my mind reset.  I was humbled by my inability to perform perfectly and snapped out of the funk.  I realized that it’s okay that my eating hasn’t been perfect lately.  I’m one strong and determined woman and I have come so far, there ain’t no way in HELL I’m letting myself backslide.  Today has been hard so far, but I’ve survived.  I haven’t turned to food. I got my workout in despite the chaos this morning started off with and that’s what matters.  

I also know now that I need to start reorganizing my day and forcing myself out of bed at 5 am, like it or not.  Letting myself lie in bed lazily until 8 staring blankly at my Facebook newsfeed is not helping the way I feel. 

So that’s it.  Funk is over.  Turbo Kick instructor certification and Coach Summit are coming and I want to be my best for both and that means there is NO ROOM for negativity.  Period.